Strategy Quickscan


Maxwell Silver has completed a strategy quick-scan for a local bank. Activities included market research, organization analysis and presentation of multiple strategic options.

Renewable Energy

01-08-2012, Investments Renewable Energy Structured Finance

For an entrepreneur with an impressive background in financing of renewable energy we are currently workin on a portfolio of solar projects. Our responsibilities include capital raising and support with structuring. Further we assist with business development through our extensive network on Curacao.

Retail Acquisition

25-04-2012, Uncategorized

We are assisting a Dutch entrepreneur with the acquisition of a Curacao-based retail enterprise. The target is a well-known local company with a strong track record. We are involved in the entire acquisition process, from initial negotiations to financing and structuring.

Cross-border acquisition


For a Dutch syndicate of passenger transport companies we are managing the acquisition of a local Curacao company in the same industry. Our tasks include: identification of target, managing the due diligence process, negotiating and structuring the transaction.

Financing strategy

16-08-2011, Uncategorized

For an innovative company active in the high-end tourism industry we are assessing possible financing strategies, including an IPO at the DCSX. Our tasks include developing different strategies and executing the preferred one.

Government Bonds

16-08-2011, Uncategorized

For a regional bank we are developing an investment product based on government bonds which product is aimed at a listing at the DCSX later this year. Our tasks include the design of the product, coordinate with regulatory bodies, marketing and sales of the product.

Gold marketplace

16-08-2011, Uncategorized

We are advising a Canadian party about the set-up of a global marketplace for trading gold. We assist in validating the financial model, structuring of the company and developing and executing the financing strategy. This strategy includes issuance of equity and debt both of which are intended to be listed at the DCSX