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Wybe H. Bruinsma

Co-founder of Maxwell Silver with a legal and managerial background. With a keen eye on the various commercial merits he advises clients on the structuring and dynamics of organizations. Has been living on Curacao for 3 years together with wife and 3 children.

Wybe started off his career as a commercial lawyer at the top-tier law firm: De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, in Amsterdam. After 7 years in the legal services industry Wybe became General Legal Counsel at RWE Energy in the Netherlands. Before starting his own advisory firm on Curacao, Wybe was Director client services at Equity Trust Curacao, serving 1000+ HNWI and corporate client entities.

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partner of Maxwell Silver, has been working in the corporate finance industry for eight years now. Fons' work is primarily focused on capital raising projects executing complex financial models for greenfield and project finance. Fons previously worked as a manager at KPMG Corporate Finance in the Dutch Caribbean & Suriname. He has managed a number of successful M&A transactions for both private and (semi) public companies throughout the Caribbean. Furthermore, he has performed many valuation analysis (shares, assets, impairments, litigations & tax), transaction services ((vendor) due diligence) and strategic analysis.

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Advisor and co-founder of Maxwell Silver with a financial and commercial background. Alexander is 43 years old and lives on Curacao with his fiancée and 2 children. Being an avid sailor, he holds a RYA Yacht Master Offshore certificate.

Alexander is an entrepreneur, CFO and investor. He has been a (financial) director of companies for over 10 years and has substantial experience with financial, legal, corporate and investment matters. As a director of a Venture Capital fund Alexander has managed over 30 financial transactions, domestic and international, buying and selling. He has over 15 years’ experience in Internet & Technology, Marketing & Communication and Media & Entertainment industries.